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Our industry leading NVHRe – setting the standard for a sustainable future.


Expanding on our multi-award winning NVHR range we have designed a market leading, natural ventilation system that delivers heat recycling and heat recovery with hybrid technology, delivering maximum efficiency.

Sustainability benefits were key at every stage of the product design to ensure the NVHRe heat recovering system helps our customers on the road to reducing carbon footprint and net zero carbon emissions.

The continuous increase in the cost of energy has put organisations under immense pressure to find ways of significantly reducing the energy consumed by their building whilst also ensuring superior indoor air quality to keep occupants comfortable, healthy and productive.  With three designs in the range providing heat recovery, together with options of heating or heating and cooling there is an ideal solution for a wide variety of commercial applications with high heat gains.

The inclusion of an aluminium cross flow plate heat exchanger delivers many energy saving benefits and provides the heat recovery function that actively recovers heat that would otherwise be wasted. Key benefits include an impressive 46% heat recovery efficiency and extremely low specific fan power levels, plus the ability to include it in your building’s energy assessments (SBEM).  The NVHRe is complaint with all industry standards including BB101 and BB93 for schools and CIBSE TM52.

We are not just passionate about ensuring a happy, healthy environment for the future – we specialise in it.

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