Changing the World of Low-Energy Ventilation

Breathing Buildings was formed in 2006 following the development of the proprietary e-stack mixing ventilation system, as part of a major research programme at Cambridge University and MIT, funded by BP. The technology was filed for patent by the University of Cambridge, and Breathing Buildings has exclusive rights to this IP. Since then, we have changed the world of ventilation. The company is now the UK’s leading provider of controlled hybrid and natural ventilation systems.

What this means for you

We are passionate about everything we do. Our philosophy is to simply to be the best. From the moment a customer has a query about how to ventilate their building, they are supported by a remarkable team of engineers who help our clients design truly stunning low energy buildings with stimulating environments, superb air quality and thermal comfort. Our consulting engineers work with the design team to discuss the different ventilation options and provide in-depth analysis to ensure our buildings do not overheat. We are the only company in the industry who can provide the whole range of tools to model ventilation in buildings; dynamic thermal modelling, computational fluid dynamics, water-bath modelling, zonal modelling, analytical modelling, and bespoke energy modelling.

Once a system is ordered our project engineers liaise with our UK factory to coordinate the delivery of products and control systems to sites across the UK. Our commissioning team then ensures that every system we supply is properly installed, and can be monitored as part of our after-sales service.


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Breathing Buildings