Products: Acoustic Attenuation

On most projects, natural ventilation actually improves the acoustics within the building, as it removes noisy mechanical equipment, and the associated ductwork and diffusers. On particularly noisy sites, however, where break-in noise becomes an issue, or when preventing cross-talk between spaces, acoustic attenuation may be needed to prevent noise ingress into the building or between rooms.

Acoustic attenuation: UoH
Breathing Buildings’ acoustic attenuation solutions are designed to meet BB93 regulations for schools, and BS8233 code of practice for other building types. Each acoustic solution can be adapted to be site and building specific.

Acoustic attenuation may be required on buildings which are under flight paths, close to noisy roads, or in the centre of a busy city.

A possible attenuation solution is shown. This solution was used for the University of Hertfordshire Law School.

For more information download our PDF guide, or contact us to discuss the specific needs of your project.

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