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R-Series Stack Based Ventilation

The R-Series e-stack ventilation system is designed for rooms which have access to the exterior via the roof. The system is ideally suited to school classrooms, or small-to-medium sized office spaces, with occupancy levels in the range of 10 to 40 persons.

Breathing Buildings’ natural and hybrid ventilation systems use a unique ventilation strategy which varies throughout the year depending on the external environment:

  • In summer mode, the system works together with low-level opening windows to effectively ventilate a room naturally, via upwards displacement ventilation.
  • In winter mode, a mixing ventilation strategy operates – this eliminates cold draughts without the use of preheating radiators/heating batteries and hence has major energy saving benefits.

By using this patented e-stack strategy, incidental heat gains which arise in the room are used for heating the incoming air during cooler weather. Reducing the need for radiators or heater coils, often used in conventional natural ventilation systems. The heat gains in heavily occupied spaces (e.g. school classrooms) are sufficiently large that heating is actually not needed until the external air temperature falls below about 7°C.

When the external air temperature is sufficiently warm, fresh air can be brought in at low level, directly onto occupants. The ventilation strategy for the system changes from a mixing ventilation scheme, to up flow displacement ventilation. Windows or low level vents are opened, and the R-Series unit with its roof terminal acts as a high-level exhaust vent – maximising the efficiency of the buoyancy-driven airflow through the space.

The BIM components are available for download below:

For more information on the e-stack R-Series unit, see the Resources section on the right hand side of this page, or contact us to speak to a specialist.

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