We are not simply passionate about sustainability. We specialise in it.

As a leading provider of controlled, hybrid ventilation systems we are dedicated to limiting our environmental impact.

In the UK, 40% of our energy usage and approximately 36% of our emissions are used in buildings. The Life Cycle Assessment of a building covers several sources of embodied carbon across the construction industry.

Achieving Net Zero is a shared objective, some key factors and considerations include CIBSE TM52, BB101, ESFA Annex 2F, Part F and Part L and CIBSE TM65. It is a complex subject and we are here to help steer our customers on the right road to achieving their sustainability goals.

We operate our business with three pillars of sustainability. Product, Planet and People. Our team thrive on helping customers on their journey to reduce their environmental impact and help them make the very best, sustainable choices.

Our product designers and team are committed to developing industry leading products that incorporate the most energy efficient components that maximise energy efficiency with minimum CO2 emissions and capital cost. In fact, many of our products and installations have won prestigious Awards relating to sustainability, have a look at our news and case studies on the website or talk to our team +44 (0)1223 450060. Our latest innovation is the NVHRe range of natural ventilation units, they utilise hybrid technology to deliver heat recycling and heat recovery with maximum energy efficiency.

In addition, our UK Business Director is on the board of BREEAM and our Sales Director has successfully completed a Business Sustainability Management course at the University of Cambridge to help drive our sustainability plans and guide our customers on their sustainability journey, so with Breathing Buildings, your sustainability plans are in safe hands.

Breathing Buildings