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What to Consider When You Need to Automate a Window?


Actuated window schemes have two components, the sensors and controls for the scheme, and the mechanical actuators themselves. Breathing Buildings strongly recommends that the mechanical window actuators be procured as part of the window package, ideally being factory-installed by the window manufacturer.

If window actuators are included as part of a natural ventilation scheme controlled by Breathing Buildings, we will provide power and control signal to the actuators, which should be 24V dc.

The following 12 criteria are an indication of the types of information you may need to consider when choosing the correct actuator for your application.


  • Smoke or natural ventilation
  • Chain or linear actuator
  • Actuator size/aesthetics
  • Locking points
  • Vent position
  • Free area requirement/opening stroke
  • Finish Voltage
  • Force (N)
  • Hinge type S
  • Peed
  • Flex length and specification


Actuators are available in a wide range of stroke lengths from 100mm -1000mm, with multi point locking abilities in order to meet security performance requirements and programmable seal relief for improved weather performance. The range includes both 24V or 230V dc versions with bespoke body lengths and finishes available. Concealed solutions can also be offered.

Further details of exactly which window actuators are most suitable for a specific job should be sought directly from the window manufacturer.


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