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Breathing Buildings - NVHR low energy ventilation

Natural Ventilation with Heat Recycling

NVHR® is the newest product from Breathing Buildings as we continue to change the way the building industry thinks about Natural Ventilation.

The NVHR® system allows single-sided, natural ventilation in deep plan spaces whilst making the most of internal heat gains to deliver superb thermal comfort. This system allows buildings with limited facade and roof space to be naturally ventilated. Its low-energy mixing fans mitigate cold draughts in winter and provide a supply air boost in summer. The system is fitted with external and internal temperature sensors and an intelligent controller, which monitors conditions to create an ideal working environment.

The system can be deployed in almost any building due to its small size.


natural modeNatural Mode

  • Damper opens
  • Single sided ventilation
  • Works with other openings in the space



summer bostSummer Mode

  • Damper opens fully
  • Air delivered to rear of the space
  • Natural exhaust through the units
  • Night cooling



winter mixingWinter Mixing

  • Draught mitigation strategy
  • Mixes warm room air with fresh external air
  • Natural exhaust through the unit



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