University of Cambridge

Breathing Buildings has maintained close links with the University of Cambridge ever since the company was formed as a ‘spin-out’ from the university back in 2006.

The company’s founding followed the discovery and development of the e-stack low-energy mixing ventilation system, which was part of a major research programme at the BP Institute, through the Cambridge-MIT Institute, with funding from BP plc. The technology was filed for patent by the University of Cambridge, and Breathing Buildings has exclusive rights to the technology. Over the past decade Breathing Buildings has continued its connections to the university.

James Dyson Building


In May 2016, the James Dyson Building and Centre at the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge was opened. The building is completely ventilated with Breathing Buildings equipment. Throughout the project Breathing Buildings worked with Nicholas Hare Architects and AECOM to develop a ventilation strategy suitable to ventilate the space.


Breathing Buildings