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Breathing Buildings worked very closely with to create a full library of BIM objects for the entire e-stack, passive stack and NVHR range. All free to download from this very page.


NVHR® 900

The NVHR 900 is the product of choice for most applications, with a pair of them being fitted per classroom. With a large and established install base you can be confident of reliable performance.


Download NVHR® 900


NVHR® 1100

The NVHR 1100 is an enhanced performance model that can achieve higher flows and is primarily aimed at noisier sites where it is not possible to open windows.

Download NVHR® 1100


NVHR+ Heating Unit

Breathing Buildings NVHR+ is our answer for room pre-heating with enhanced control over the temperature of the air being delivered to a space during it’s occupancy.

NVHR 900 + Heater DP Grille


Download NVHR+ 900

R Series

The e-stack R-Series unit is our best-selling roof system. The user is able to select from Mushroom Cowl or Penthouse Louvre roof terminals, and can even check fixing details, unit handing and electrical connections.


Download R-Series



S Series

Next up is the e-stack S-Series – available in a range of sizes from 800 – 1500mm, and typically suitable for larger rooms such as halls, atria and other occupied spaces.



Download S-Series



F Series

The e-stack concept is not limited to roof systems, as demonstrated by our F-Series range of facade-based mixing ventilation units, also available to download as adjustable BIM components. The facade louvre can be deselected on the F-Series to show/hide the wall aperture.


Download F-Series



A Series

The final offering in the e-stack range, our atrium-based A-Series unit – the A400 and A500 variety are both now available as fully selectable Revit files and BIM components.

a-series-iso-bragbox1Download A-Series



Passive Stacks

And last but not least, the Passive Stack systems. Often suitable to larger or double-height spaces, passive stacks form an integral part of many natural ventilation systems.



Download Passive Ventilation Stacks




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