Products: NVHR®

All New Natural Ventilation with Heat Recycling


Breathing Buildings first introduced the NVHR® façade-based mixing product in 2013. Since then we have learned much about the operation of these systems, how they are used, and what customers want from the product. Now, in 2018 we are delighted to be able to launch a fully revised and updated NVHR® – incorporating all the lessons learned from our original innovation, plus introducing numerous performance and energy saving enhancements.

natural modeNatural Mode

  • Damper opens
  • Single sided ventilation
  • Works with other openings in the space



summer bostSummer Mode

  • Damper opens fully
  • Air delivered to rear of the space
  • Natural exhaust through the units
  • Night cooling



winter mixingWinter Mixing

  • Draught mitigation strategy
  • Mixes warm room air with fresh external air
  • Natural exhaust through the unit


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