Continuing Professional Development Course

Expand your knowledge, attend our free, CIBSE Approved Continued Professional Development course.

By attending Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses you not only expand your company’s knowledge but proactively enhance your professional capabilities and career opportunities.

Breathing Buildings is a British manufacturer specialising in the design and manufacture of industry leading natural and hybrid ventilation systems. Our mission is to help clients create the lowest energy building with minimum capital cost and associated CO2 emissions.

Our products and installations have won several awards for energy efficiency and close collaboration with Architects, Developers, Consultants and Customers.

We invite you to expand your knowledge of the natural ventilation industry by attending the following course which is held in person for your convenience.

CPD Course Title: Ventilation for Education and Commercial Buildings (1 hour)
This CPD course will give you a greater understanding of:

To book your CIBSE approved CPD with one of our experienced ventilation experts,
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