What is Mixing Ventilation?


Breathing Buildings pioneered the concept of mixing ventilation with the discovery and development of the proprietary e-stack ventilation system, as part of a major research programme at the University of Cambridge.

So, how does mixing ventilation work?


In winter, when the outside air is too cold to bring directly into the room, fresh air entering the room (ideally at a high level) is premixed with the warmer room air in order to bring it to a comfortable temperature before it reaches the occupants of the room. This allows fresh air to be supplied to the occupants while mitigating any possibility of cold draughts. Mixing ventilation saves energy by using heat gains from the occupants and electrical equipment in the room to heat the incoming air, instead of requiring additional heating from a radiator.



Avoiding Cold Draughts


When it comes to mixing ventilation, beware poor imitations because the science will come back and bite you. Breathing Buildings pioneered the concept of mixing ventilation and have been helping clients deliver low energy mixing ventilation since 2006.

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