Year in the Life of…

Year in Industry student Nousheen's blog about her experience in Breathing Buildings.

Weather Data

Weather files are used by Building Services engineers to predict thermal comfort in buildings, at the design stage, and thereby to assess compliance with the relevant thermal comfort regulations. Hist

Opinion piece in CIBSE Journal

Breathing Buildings discusses how engineers need to think strategically to understand how sub-systems interrelate.

My Year in the “Nat Vent” Industry

Engineering Intern James Wilshaw talks about his experiences of the Year in Industry scheme, as he approaches the end of his 12 month industrial placement in the Nat Vent industry.

Brexit- a CEO’s Perspective

It is hard to refute the overwhelming declarations by learned economists before the referendum that Brexit would be bad news for the UK economically.

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Air Conditioning

Slovakian archaeologists, working at the al-Kusur excavation site, in modern-day Kuwait, have uncovered a system of natural interior cooling, thought to date from the 7th-9th century.

Post-Occupancy Monitoring

Breathing Buildings Consulting Engineer Nick Wise discusses the importance of post-occupancy monitoring to bridge the performance gap between prediction and reality.

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