Cambridge Civil Engineering Event

Breathing Buildings supports the Cambridge Civils Event on 7 June 2017


Every year the University of Cambridge Civil Engineering undergraduates spend their final day together in the splendid surroundings of Emmanuel College. During the day, the final year students deliver presentations on their 4th year projects, which span a wide range of technical disciplines within the broad area of civil engineering.


Breathing Buildings is pleased to support the event. It is an occasion where the students are exposed to some of the most innovative and exciting companies in the industry, and is an opportunity for the student to celebrate what they have learned and achieved during their studies at the university. The presentations are also assessed and form part of the assessment for the students’ degree results. Two students has been supervised this year, one of whom has been exploring different types of hybrid ventilation system in different climates and another who has undertaken a project on acoustics and various designs of attenuators for use in naturally ventilated buildings. The projects have been incredibly interesting and stimulated much excitement regarding future product development opportunities.

Through supporting the Civils event, Breathing Buildings hopes that many of the Cambridge engineering graduates will enter the engineering profession; whether that be in buildings, infrastructure, or any engineering discipline. Breathing Buildings strongly believes that engineering is a truly exciting and fulfilling profession, and with the growth in industry there is a significant demand for newly qualified engineers in all areas.



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