A Breathing Modular School

In a place where young minds are moulded for future generations, it is important to create an environment that is inspiring and motivating. Breathing Buildings can offer a solution to help with both of these qualities.

In a construction world where priorities are now leaning towards lead times and prices, the modular sector has found itself growing in business especially within the education sector. They can offer a cheap and quick solution that is just as good as a traditional build.

New research has recently come to light that Local Authorities now predict the number of primary and secondary school pupils will increase by an extra 729,000 by 2020. That would mean a new target of 2,122 schools will be required over the next 4 years to accommodate. This would equate to a completion of 2 new schools every day. With a traditional build usually having a 12 – 18 month construction period, modular schools would be a perfect solution to meet the shortfall in such a short space of time.

500 of these schools will be required in London alone. However, as most of you are aware, London is an extremely warm area to accommodate the lightweight modular buildings. This is where Breathing Buildings can help with our consultancy services. We have our own in house dynamic thermal model, 4DFlo. We can model each space and offer assistance with the design of the building, we can suggest other ways of helping the building keep cool. We can offer solutions such as a lower G-Values, solar shading, additional thermal mass including phase change material and opening window areas.

We pride ourselves in being to help our customers find solutions for their buildings in the toughest of conditions.

My experience of working with Modular Builders has been an eye opening experience. Their quick turnaround period and lead times still surprise me to this day. The companies are a pleasure to work with and they are a very reasonable and loyal customer. I look forward to the modular sector booming in the future and I hope Breathing Buildings can assist with the design and ventilation requirements.

Breathing Buildings