BB sponsors Engineers event at Cambridge University

Breathing Buildings supports young engineers

Engineers of tomorrow are being trained at various universities across the country. The Royal Academy of Engineering cites the challenge the UK faces with the forthcoming shortage of engineers, and hence it is vital that as many students as possible who read engineering at university then actually enter the profession. Breathing Buildings cares strongly about this issue too and hence sponsors events to promote the exciting world-changing developments which talented graduates can choose to pursue after graduation.

news-inline-imageOn Friday 22 January 2016 Breathing Buildings sponsored the prizes for the 4th year presentations of Girton College engineers at their annual showcase evening in the Stanley Library. The prize-winning students hit the hot buttons for  Breathing Buildings. The first students described their work in developing materials to help teachers explain the engineering applications of A level physics. Capturing the imagination and interest of students at this stage is critical and the provision of teaching material highlighting recent innovations is key to attracting them into engineering. The third student attracted the attention of Breathing Buildings by describing the advanced fluid mechanics project he is tackling. The application was with regards to drag reduction, but of course anything to do with improvements in energy efficiency using smart fluid dynamics is always going to be a winner with Breathing Buildings! The final student described her innovative work in the Construction Excellence group. All presentations were of an outstanding quality and hence all groups were awarded prizes.

The event also provided a wonderful opportunity for engineers in earlier years at Cambridge University to see the diversity of 4th year projects on offer in the department, and to get excited about the prospects of them also undertaking challenging and innovative research as part of their degree.

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