Products: NVHR+ Heater Unit

Breathing Buildings NVHR+ is our answer for room pre-heating with enhanced control over the temperature of the air being delivered to a space during it’s occupancy.

Typically, these can be incorporated into a small office space with less than 10 occupants as a single unit, or multiple units in large office spaces and for standard classrooms, an NVHR+ pair can be used. Please have a look at our NVHR+ Datasheet PDF on the right hand side.

Our low energy heating and mixed ventilation system takes advantage of free internal heat gains to temper incoming fresh air in the winter, which provides:


  • Frost Protection
  • Pre-occupancy space heating
  • Enhanced control over mixed air delivery temperature
  • Quick-response heating compared to other
    heating methods
  • Avoidance of over-supplying heat to the space
  • Negates requirement for other sources of
    heating in the room
  • Integral controller and sensors to run feedback
  • Set-points adjustable via BMS
  • Automatic with user override
  • Winter mixing
  • Summer boost
  • Automatic summer night cooling

The BIM coponents are available for download below:

Breathing Buildings