Building the World of Tomorrow

to be hosted at Cambridge University on 21 July 2015

Prof Cam Middleton from the University of Cambridge and Breathing Buildings are arranging an Industry-Academia research event on Building the World of Tomorrow.

The event is to be hosted at the Department of Engineering in the main lecture theatre LT0 on Tuesday 21 July 2015. The mission of the event is to bring together senior figures in industry with leading academics and research students to inform a discussion on future buildings.

We are scheduling the event to comprise a series of talks at the Engineering Department in the afternoon, and dinner at Trinity College Old Kitchens in the evening. The speakers will include various academics undertaking research into future buildings, as well as leading figures from industry.

In terms of timing, the afternoon commences at 1400. This is so that people can work in the morning. Dinner will start at 1930 and will finish by 2115 so that those who need to travel back, for example to London, can do so. We will arrange taxis to collect people from Trinity College to Cambridge train station to catch the 2145 fast train back to London.

If you are interested in attending, you need to contact Please note that there is no charge for the event or dinner which is being sponsored by Breathing Buildings. The event is popular and places are limited.



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