Breathing Buildings’ Shortlisting Recognises the Importance of Healthy Learning Environments

Recognising the vital importance of good indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort in schools, the Energy Awards have shortlisted Breathing Buildings in their 2018 awards. The Cambridge-based company’s new energy efficient NVHR® (Natural Ventilation with Heat Recycling) hybrid ventilation system has been named as a finalist in the ‘Energy Efficient Product of the Year HVAC&R’ in The Energy Awards 2018.

The new NVHR® from Breathing Buildings is designed specifically to meet the robust ventilation criteria set out for schools. Its patented ultra-efficient facade-based mixing ventilation allows single-sided, enhanced natural ventilation in deep plan spaces whilst making the most of internal heat gains to deliver superb thermal comfort and indoor air quality. Its award shortlist announcements are therefore particularly timely since they come just after the launch of the new 2018 edition of BB101: Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools. The 2018 BB101 has added hybrid ventilation as a design solution for schools and focuses on the vital balance of indoor air quality, thermal comfort and efficiency.

Energy Awards

“We are delighted to be named as a finalist at the Energy Awards which have recognised the many benefits NVHR® offers,” said Matthew Bray, Commercial Director at Breathing Buildings. “At Breathing Buildings we are committed to designing solutions to create efficient, healthy and comfortable environments in schools that enable children to benefit from effective teaching and learning spaces. The new BB101 2018 guidance sets more stringent air quality targets, is tougher on summertime overheating, and recommends pre-mixing of incoming air to eliminate cold draughts, all of which are achieved by our new NVHR®.”

Breathing Buildings’ new NVHR® is the next generation of energy efficient hybrid ventilation, offering almost 50% reduction in energy savings and so operating costs. Boasting the highest energy efficiency and air flow within the acoustic limits required for its school application, NVHR® comprises both natural and mechanical ventilation. Allowing low-energy hybrid natural ventilation, even in buildings with limited facade and roof space, highly efficient mixing fans mitigate cold draughts in winter and provide a ventilation boost in summer. Fitted with external and internal temperature sensors and an intelligent controller, the system monitors conditions to create an ideal indoor environment, boosting both productivity and wellbeing. NVHR® optimises indoor air quality, comfort and efficiency by automatically switching between natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation, maximising benefits.

Designed particularly to provide enhanced single-sided, natural ventilation in classrooms, NVHR® is suitable for use in almost any building due to its small size and can be deployed in offices, meeting rooms, public areas and other deep plan spaces. NVHR® has three modes: Summer mode, Winter mode and Summer boost. In winter the heat recycling strategy for ventilation offers huge heating-bill savings for schools while providing good ventilation. The mid-season natural ventilation mode enables the unit to maximise the benefits of passive ventilation. The Summertime boost function fully opens the unit’s damper to maximise ventilation and cooler air.

Featuring easy-to-use controls with manual override NVHR® allows schools without a BMS to benefit from the technology while also offering full BMS integration. Room temperature and CO2 sensors further ensure comfort in schools and compliance with BB101.

The Energy Awards 2018 take place on 5th December at the London Hilton, Park Lane and will bring together over 500 industry heavyweights to recognise and celebrate the very best achievements in the industry. Find out more at

Breathing Buildings is committed to excellence in school ventilation design and has launched a new sector-specific brochure titled ‘Ventilation for Schools’ which can be downloaded here.

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