New IES Component Released for our Low Energy Hybrid Ventilation System


IES and Breathing Buildings have announced the release of a new performance component, now available in the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) software. The release sees the addition of an easy-to-use ‘drag, drop & play’ component for our popular NVHR systems. With functionality, geometry and control already set up for use. The feature which can be found in the Navigator tab in IES VE, allows the user to select the NVHR, import it into their building model, set any bespoke parameters which might be required, and immediately simulate the system. With simple instructions for every step, and check boxes provided to help streamline the modelling process. The unit will self-regulate, and use any available openings as tools to achieve the natural hybrid ventilation required by UK regulations. The NVHR Navigator includes guidance for Part L2 (UK) and provides automated CIBSE TM52 reportage.

The release features a library of predefined 3D component representations of our NVHR systems that can be dragged easily from a drop-down onto a building model constructed within the IESVE. Performance and energy savings can then be assessed in an open and transparent process so that users can be confident in the performance benefits of our systems.

The NVHR Navigator has several features such as in-model checks and model warnings to help users ensure the system is set up correctly. In-model colour coding is a useful feature to show that the model is correctly set up in preparation for simulation. The use of the Navigators step-by-step feature for the NVHR enables ease of use for first time users.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Breathing Buildings on the integration of this performance component. We recognise the need for our customers to test and validate products within their design models to ensure accurate and high performing designs, and this collaboration helps us deliver the means to do this.” – Craig Wheatley, Technical Director at IES

IES VE have provided a downloadable document with step-by-step instructions on how to go from an initial model to configuring and testing the building with NVHR units. The document can be found on our ‘IES/TAS modelling guides’ page, available for free download. Furthermore we are always available for consultation should you have questions, simply contact us by phone or email.

The document can be found on our ‘IES/TAS modelling guides’ page, available for free download. BreathingBuildingsNVHR


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