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Year In Industry

Breathing Buildings is pleased to announce that two new students are joining them as part of the Year In Industry Scheme. This scheme is fundamentally aimed at helping students make a good start in engineering, as well as of course helping attract students into the profession. The UK has an urgent need to recruit more engineers and schemes like this are important in order that suitably trained engineers are in the workplace later on after they have completed their studies.



Consulting Manager Owen Connick give a tour of the factory to the company’s two newest starters.

The Year In Industry Scheme places students with 300 top UK companies every year including Shell, Rolls Royce, EDF, Network Rail, GKN and Breathing Buildings. The scheme has placements for students interested in all areas of engineering, science, IT, e-commerce, business, marketing, finance and logistics.

Breathing Buildings offers students the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge associated with high tech ventilation; these include ventilation design principles, programming and structural design.

The benefits to employers such as Breathing Buildings are enormous too. The Year In Industry scheme can provide access to talented, dedicated students who can help drive a business forward. Importantly, the students have no pre-conceptions about the way things are done, and hence they can provide a wonderful new set of ideas even to a company filled with bright relatively young graduates!

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