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Stapleford Granary

Stapleford Granary

Breathing Buildings was delighted to hear the Prime Brass rendition of Souza’s Liberty Bell on Tim Lihoreau’s Classic FM Breakfast show on 14 October 2016. This is the first time in four years that Tim has used a new recording, and this recording was made in a Breathing Building. Prime Brass recorded the track this year at the Ace Foundation Stapleford Granary, chosen because of its amazing facilities and remarkable acoustic properties. The stunning main studio is ventilated using three R Series units complete with acoustic attenuators, which can provide ventilation at all times even when a group is recording! The inaudible mixing system provides draught-free natural ventilation for performers and audience alike, and means that recording sessions for groups like Prime Brass can continue uninterrupted.


During musical activities all the windows are kept closed so that noise transfer is kept to a minimum. However, the acoustic attenuation in the shafts means that ventilation can be provided during recording sessions without suffering from noise ingress from outside, and that neighbours near the facility are not disturbed. The whole redevelopment of the old granary into a musical and cultural centre is a superb example of how old buildings can be completely transformed and given a new lease of life.


Breathing Buildings founder Dr Shaun Fitzgerald plays trumpet in Prime Brass and is therefore extremely sensitive to the needs of professional orchestras and ensembles. The development of the e-stack range of equipment was undertaken with great care to ensure that any noise emanating from mixing fans does not interfere with the occupants. The criteria for recording quality environments is clearly more onerous than for other spaces such as offices or teaching areas, but the systems work equally well. The Ace Foundation, who oversaw the complete redevelopment of the Stapleford Granary, uses the facility for various concerts and recording sessions. Shaun looks forward to returning to the Granary in December for a series of Christmas concerts with Prime Brass!

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